The project we had to do was the butterfly project. Where we had to make a butterfly based on a poem to see if your character will live or die. The poems are based on the children at the Theresienstdalt Concentration Camps.

Illness by Franta Bass
Sadness, stillness in the room.
In the middle, a table and a bed.
In the bed, a feverish boy.
His mother sits next to him
with a little book.
She reads him his favorite story
and immediately, the fever subsides

I learned that life was very hard for people during that time. Many family’s were kept in this camp. Children worked and they weren’t fed or sheltered good, it was always cold and they would have very little to eat. Many were transported to another camp in Auschwitz  where they would be killed.

Book Blog : All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places is about a boy named Theodore Finch and a girl named Violet Markey. They first meet because they were both at the bell towers in the school ground. Theodore likes to be called Finch. So Finch is depressed and he doesn’t like when people judge him. Violet went through a traumatic experience. So they end up being partners for a project where they have to travel and see places around their country. My favorite part was when when they visited a man who built a rollercoaster in his back yard and they kept going on the ride again and again. I recommend this book if you like kinda sad books.

SOL #22 : Yay

Finally it’s spring break and I’m happy because no school. I get to sleep in and be lazy..actually probably not I’ll have to do chores ugh. I’ll probably message my friends for the whole break all we really talk about is random stuff that just pops into our head and it’s funny yet weird.

SOL #21 : Spring Break Plans.

I’m probably not going to do much but hopefully it’ll be fun. I might go to my aunts house and spend a few days there. I don’t know what my family is doing for Easter yet. And just be lazy and play video games. And sleep in of course

SOL #20 : Video Games

A few days ago I started playing a video game because I was bored. So now I'm really starting to like the game and I'm wanting to play more

SOL #19 : Party

I went to a party over the weekend and had so much fun. A lot of my family was there and we played games and ate cake and my brother made slime which was annoying because it was sticking everywhere he made a big mess. But overall it was super fun.

SOL #18 : Sick Friend

So during the weekend my dads friends had a party so we went and there were lots of kids while the parents were downstairs. One kid went to sleep and woke up probably an hour later because he was throwing up in his bed. So his mom wanted to take him to the hospital. So they went and everyone left their house. The next day we found out that his appendix had to be taken out. But he’s okay now