SOL #18 ; Sick Friend

So during the weekend my dads friends had a party so we went and there were lots of kids while the parents were downstairs. One kid went to sleep and woke up probably an hour later because he was throwing up in his bed. So his mom wanted to take him to the hospital. So they went and everyone left their house. The next day we found out that his appendix had to be taken out. But he’s okay now

SOL#15 : Concert

So January 28th 2017 , I went to a Twenty One Pilots concert. It was really fun.  I’ll never forget it. During a song Tyler (the singer) was standing on a platform INFRONT of dad and my brother and we were so shocked that we were that close to him. And after we went and got tacos.

SOL #17; This is Hard

I’m having trouble finding ideas for SOL. Nothing really eventful happens or happened in my life or at school or at home. So I don’t have any good ideas. And it’s weird because I can write about almost anything. But I have no ideas.

SOL #16 ; Drawings

Okay so I like to draw. I’ll find an outline of a person and put it into and app so then I can add color to it. And I can get super creative.
This is a recent one that I’ve finished and I have others. The picture was originally black and white but I’m good.
And I did this one yesterday and it looks cool and awesome. I really like it.

SOL #14 ; Favorite Band (right now because it always changes)

I have a lot of favorite things. Like I have favorite music / Bands. I like all pets and animals. Favorite books and more.

Let’s start with music/bands because...why not. Most people might not like my taste in music but it’s whatever. Im just going to talk about one band that I got into recently.

                                                                   Palaye Royale
The way I got into Palaye was by watching my favorite youtuber collab with Palaye. I didn’t know who they were but they were making me laugh and then I started listening to their music and now I like them.

SOL #13 ; All the Pets that I had

So when I was like 5 I had a cat named Jada. She wasn't the nicest cat. She would scratch and bite so we had to give her away. I had a hamster named Terry (my dad picked the name) and he passed away but my brother still has his hamster named Quincy (my dad also picked the name) and he's doing good. We had a tiny kitten she was white and she had blue eyes she was named Luna but my grandma couldn't care for her so we had to give her back to the original owners. And yeah that's about it we still have Quincy so that's good.

SOL #12 ; Harry Potter World In Florida

Me and my family went to Harry Potter world and we had so much fun. We went to get wands and while we went to do that a 'Wizard' came out and chose my brother to be fitted for a wand. So my brother went up too the wizard and the wizard gave my brother a wand and a spell to use on a plant to water it. When my brother pointed the wand at the plant and said the spell...the plant died and my mom and stepdad started laughing. So then the wizard gave my brother 2 more wand before finding the perfect one. How did wee know it was the perfect one you ask ? We knew it was the perfect one because when my brother picked the wand up...lights shined on my brother like he was an angel. And it was really cool.