Slice of Life #1 : Starting again

So slice challenge is starting again. I’m going to try to do this every day that I can. I think I can do it for the whole 30 days but I’m not sure. I have some things I think I can write about that I haven’t blogged about so that’s interesting. Yeah I have ideas mostly music ideas. And maybe some story times. Also some things that happened the past few months and yeah. I think I have lots of ideas but I really can’t be sure. Here’s a list that I’m thinking of..

Concerts (I talk about this too much maybe..)Albums that I like during this time. Songs that I’m OBSESSED with Things that are happening in my life PetsFoodddd (why not?)Friends / Family School..Traveling  And literally whatever else comes to my mind. So yeah stay tuned because I have too many things.

Slice Of Life : Lunch

Me,Jaidy and Aaliyah were in 7th grade lunch and me and Jaidy were talking and Aaliyah was annyoing some kids. So me and Jaidy were talking then suddenly someone throws like a piece of candy. And it hit Jaidy in the head but then it continued flying across the room. But me and Jaidy noticed and we started laughing really hard.

Book Club: I Am Malala

My Book Club book is I Am Malala. My opinion of the book is that it’s very interesting. And I like this book. It tells the story of Malala and her fight for girls education. And everything she’s been through to get to where she’s at now. She fought for girls education for many years. Even after somthing very scary happened to her. You have to read the book to find out.
     Book Club conversations are going good for me and my group. I work with Jaidy,Aaliyah and Tashina. We get off topic a bit. Probably because we get along well. But I am usually the one to get them back on task. And our conversations are easy to make up and keep up with. So overall I’m happy with my group.

Slice of Life : Game Night 🎮

On Saturday I went to a game night at my dads friends house. We played games like Jenga, Giant Uno, Heads Up, an acting game, and Family Fued. During Family Fued my dad was the host and there was a question that asked “What do people complain about the most?” And my friend was answering the question. He answered jokingly saying “Life.” And everyone started laughing to the point where we had to take a break from the game.

Slice of Life : Sad Little Children

It was my birthday March 1st so I had a party and invited 4 friends. Ana, Izabelle, Aaliyah, and Jaidy. We were in my room talking about somthing sad. Then someone gets up and turns off the light. And suddenly I heard music from Anas phone. It was dark and we had our flashlights on. Then suddenly  the door opens and it’s my cousin. She asks “why are you guys in the dark?” We say, “Because we are being sad little children.” We all started laughing and continued talking. It was so fun.

Funny Business

This weekend I was at a hotel. And I was with my friend Betzy. We got there late so at night so I told her too see if it was haunted or not. She didn’t find anything. The next day we were going from the room to the lobby and back. We were playing around in the elevator and then it stopped. And I thought oh no we’re stuck. But then the door opens and she went running out of the elevator. I started laughing because I didn’t know why she ran. But then I realized we were on the 6th floor when we were supposed to be on the 11th. So I called her before the elevator left and she ran back into the elevator and we both started laughing.


The project we had to do was the butterfly project. Where we had to make a butterfly based on a poem to see if your character will live or die. The poems are based on the children at the Theresienstdalt Concentration Camps.

Illness by Franta Bass
Sadness, stillness in the room.
In the middle, a table and a bed.
In the bed, a feverish boy.
His mother sits next to him
with a little book.
She reads him his favorite story
and immediately, the fever subsides

I learned that life was very hard for people during that time. Many family’s were kept in this camp. Children worked and they weren’t fed or sheltered good, it was always cold and they would have very little to eat. Many were transported to another camp in Auschwitz  where they would be killed.