Book Blog : All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places is about a boy named Theodore Finch and a girl named Violet Markey. They first meet because they were both at the bell towers in the school ground. Theodore likes to be called Finch. So Finch is depressed and he doesn’t like when people judge him. Violet went through a traumatic experience. So they end up being partners for a project where they have to travel and see places around their country. My favorite part was when when they visited a man who built a rollercoaster in his back yard and they kept going on the ride again and again. I recommend this book if you like kinda sad books.


  1. I think you left out a big part of this one - the whole reason they were at the bell tower in the first place! But it is kinda sad for sure, isn't it? Why do you think it's called that title?


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